Voice of Rangatahi

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Thank you for agreeing to participate in this survey, which is jointly run by Sport Manawatu and Sport NZ (www.sportnz.org.nz). The purpose of this survey is to understand the experiences you have with physical activity (sport, PE, recreation, or exercise) whilst at school. This survey is for all rangatahi (young people).

Whether you do regular physical activity, or not, we want to hear your voice. Please answer all the questions as best you can and tell us what you really think.

Completing this survey is entirely voluntary. You can choose whether or not to take part. Your responses will be grouped with other students and the summarised results will be shared with your school and other organisations like the ones mentioned above. Any written comments you provide will be reported word for word but nobody (including your school) will know who wrote the comments. If you have any queries you can contact emmac@sportmanawatu.org.nz.

The survey should take you about 12 minutes.

Rangatahi is the terminology used for all Aotearoa New Zealand Young People aged 12-18 years
What school do you go to?
What year are you in at school?
Physical activity is any activity that increases your heart rate and makes you get out of breath some of the time.

Physical activity can be done in sports, school activities, playing with friends, or walking to school

Some examples of physical activity are running, walking quickly, playing tag, cycling, kilikiti, dancing, kapa haka, skateboarding, scootering, swimming, football, and going to the gym.

For the next question, add up all the time you spend in physical activity each day.

Over the past 7 days, on how many days were you physically active for a total of at least 60 minutes per day?
For the next question, we’d like to know how you travel when going to and from your school.

How do you usually get to and from school?
You've chosen other, please specify.
Please tick all the ways you have been physically active 'in school' AND 'outside of school' this year.

"In school" means all physical activity done at your school, or when representing your school off site.

"Outside of school" means any other physical activity you do when not with, or at, your school.

If you participate in an activity both in and out of school, please tick both options. You can choose as many activities as you like.
In School Outside of School
In School Outside of School
Adventure racing
Athletics or track and field
Basketball or Mini-ball
Climbing (e.g. sport, trad or bouldering)
Cycling or biking
Dance/dancing (e.g. ballet, hip hop)
Disability Sports
Games (e.g. four square, tag, bull rush, dodgeball)
Group exercise class (e.g. CrossFit, dance fitness, yoga)
Gymnastics (e.g. rhythmic, artistic)
Hockey or floorball
Kapa haka
Mountain biking
Rugby League
Rugby Sevens
Rugby Union or Rippa Rugby
Running or jogging
Softball or T-ball
Table tennis
Touch Rugby
Tramping or bush walks
Triathlon or duathlon
Ultimate Frisbee
Volleyball or Kiwi Volley
Waka ama
Walking for fitness
Water polo or Flippa Ball
Workout (weights or cardio)
Other (please specify all others)
Nothing during this school year
You've chosen other (for in school), please specify.
You've chosen other (for outside of school), please specify.
Would you like to be doing more physical activity in school and/or outside of school?
Yes No
In School
Outside of School
What are the reasons you are not doing as much physical activity as you would like?

You can select one, or more than one reason.
You've chosen other, please specify.
When answering the rest of this survey, we'd like you to think about being physically active at your school, including sport, PE, exercise, recreation, or other activities.
How do you take part in physical activity AT SCHOOL?

You can select more than one way
How satisfied are you with your overall experience of physical activity at school?
You selected – Can you tell us more about why you feel this way?
How satisfied are you with your experience of PE at school?
How satisfied are you with your experience of competitive sport at school? (e.g. representing your school in a regular league, tournament, or competition).
Thinking about physical activity at school, how satisfied are you with your school on each of the following?
Being friendly and welcoming
Helping me develop or fulfil my potential
Encouraging fair play
Providing a fun experience
The quality of the coaches or instructors
Being organised and well managed
Being fair and providing equal opportunities for all
The range of opportunities
Having clean and well-maintained facilities (e.g. changing rooms, toilets)
Having quality spaces to do physical activity (e.g. fields, courts, etc.)
Ease of accessing spaces to do physical activity (e.g. fields, courts, etc.)
If your school was going to focus on improving one of the following aspects of physical activity, which would be the ONE thing you would like them to improve?
You've chosen other, please specify.
What is it about that you would like to see improved?
What informal physical activities would you like provided at your school? E.g. lunchtime games, playground, more four squares, etc
The next few questions are about what you think or feel. How much do you agree with each of the following statements?
I am good at lots of different physical activities
I want to take part in physical activities
I understand why taking part in physical activity is good for me
I feel confident to take part in lots of different activities
I have a say in what physical activities I do at school
School staff encourage me to be physically active
My school provides an inclusive and safe environment to be physically active
For this next question we would like you to tell us about your general wellbeing. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is very unhappy and 10 is very happy, in general how happy are you?
What sex are you? Sex refers to the biological sexual characteristics of a person and is assigned at birth.
What gender do you identify with? Gender refers to your sense of identity and may or may not be the same as your sex recorded at birth.
Which ethnic group or groups do you identify with or belong to?
You've chosen other, please specify.
To understand more about the physical activity of New Zealanders, Sport NZ would like to share and/or combine the responses to this survey with other information held by Sport NZ and/or other organisations (e.g. Statistics NZ).

Sport NZ will ensure any information that could be used to identify you will be removed after your survey responses have been combined with other information. The combined information will be used by authorised people for research purposes only.

Do you consent to Sport NZ sharing and/or combining the responses to this survey with other information?
What is your first name?
What is your last name?
What is your date of birth?
What is your home post code?

Those are all the questions we have for you today.

Please click "Save" to submit your survey. Thank you very much for your help.